Sunday, August 3, 2008

All ready...I think

Tomorrow is the big day! The gang will be taking part in the last supper...In n Out (hehe)...then heading to the airport at about 9pm to fly away on a jet plane. Today, however, Amy and I spent several hours packing, unpacking, packing, and unpacking some more. After packing my first piece of luggage we attempted to weigh it on my mom's bathroom scale...yeah, not such a good idea. I broke the scale and had to go out and purchase a new one! Not exactly how I saw my packing day going. Let me just say how hard it is to fit a life into 2 suitcases! After finally completing the packing process (for now anyway) my family headed to church for my nephew's dedication. Here is a picture of the fam afterwards. You can see that Austin obviously worked way too hard and it now sleeping through the party! :)
Be back when in Japan!!

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  1. We are VERY good at packing my friend. We should go pro...seriously.