Monday, August 18, 2008

Report day...

Today was our first official day as staff at New Life Academy. All staff reported this morning for an in service on the 6+1 writing traits given by another teacher at the school. It was quite interesting as I had never heard the details or used it before. I also met my aide today and we were quite excited to discover we are the same age. She is a very sweet girl and I look forward to getting to work with her! Her name is Azusa and she is from Okinawa. It's a blessing that she will be able to act as my translator as well. I had the chance to work some more in my classroom this afternoon. I'm almost ready to post some pictures of it so hang tight! It's really quite strange the range of emotions that I can feel in one day. There are times when I am excited to be doing this and then there are moments when I think I must be crazy! I've also been feeling overwhelmed with the thought of teaching my kids English on top of all the other things we have to cover this year. I'm sure I will be the ultimate resource efficient girl at the end of this year. Today I even traced and cut out my own letters for my bulletin board and walls! It is a completely different world and environment than I'm used to, but I know this adventure is going to be awesome. I will have three staff kids in my class this year and I had the opportunity to meet them today. They are some of the most adorable children ever! After meeting one of the boys I asked him if he remembered my name and he said Miss Puppy...hehe One of the girls called me They like following me around and just giggling. So, for day 1, it was quite successful!
I would appreciate your prayers as I prepare to meet with the parents of my students next Wednesday and welcome the kids on Thursday, in addition to feeling a great need for family and friends.


  1. Awww, sounds like things are well on their way...I'm excited for you to start the yeaar...and yes, you are crazy, (haha), but tremendously blessed at the same time!! I'm excied to see pictures as well!! I love you and miss you and will be praying for you for sure!!

  2. Wow! Didn't know there could be so many variations to your last name -- how cute! It seems like everything is really coming together...God has truly blessed you both. I miss you and I'm keep you in prayer. NOW, GET SOME CLASSROOM PICTURES POSTED...the suspense is too much. :)

  3. That is great that you've met some of your kids! Bella called you puppy for awhile! I can't wait to see pics of your room and I'm so glad that your interpreter seems to be a good fit for you! That's perfect that you are the same age! I miss you so much already and am praying for you often! I love you and am proud of you for stepping out in faith and taking this job! Hugs and kisses!