Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Come get em while they're hot...

Here is what you have been waiting for...not so patiently :)
This is the door to my classroom. It actually has a gate that closes down on it every night...I have a VERY hard time getting it up in the may want to note that all before and after school day care is held IN my room! yeah, real fun!
This is what you see when you enter my room....I've just done some more rearranging so it may look different in a few weeks! hehe That little girl in the picture is the Kindergarten teacher's daughter who will be in my class.
This is also what you see when you walk in my room along the back wall...yes, apparently with pre-kindergarten comes toys!
This is going to be my community helpers board which I will add to each month. My plan is to put up the place where the community helper works. For example, my first helper is "Teacher" so I will put a picture of a school on the board, along with a picture and description of Teacher.
That back corner is where my "space" will be.
This is the opposite corner of my space where we will have all our circle time and instruction. In order to give you a more complete picture you'll have to envision the months of the year and days of the week posted above the empty cubbies (they are still a work in progress) Oh how I miss walking into Lakeshore and buying any poster I could ever dream of!

Though definitely modified, this is my infamous bee hive, located at the back of the room.

I realized I didn't take any pictures of the desks, probably because there were people gathered around. I'll take a few more when we're all set up for school!


  1. FINALLY!!! Well, I must say you did quite well with the limited supplies you have. And, of course, I could not have imagined your classroom without the bee hive! It all looks great. :)

  2. Adi!!!! it is so cute!!! I am really so excited for you. It sounds like you're having some pretty fun adventures (the Japanese rapper was hilarious!!!!) I'm so proud of you and I know God is going to use you and stretch you and you will come back different (but in a good way) keep the pics and blogs coming. I'm back from Guatemala and starting "real" life again on monday. I love you and miss you

  3. I love the room! You did an excellent job! I was so glad to talk to you guys yesterday for so long! It felt a little more normal! I miss you and our Friday lunches! Love you!