Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I am officially living in Okinawa! I left Monday night at 1:15 in the morning, had to say goodbye to family and friends which was a bit difficult. Alison and I travelled for 18 hours and arrived in Okinawa at about 10:30 Okinawa time on Wednesday. Our principal picked us up and drove us around Naha, near the airport then took us to lunch at a place called "Japanese Restaurant" (original huh?). After we ate we did a bit of grocery shopping (which is kind of hard when you have no idea what you're buying :) ) and then we bought a hair dryer. Next, we were able to go see our apartment, which is very cute, and also visit the school where I was able to see my classroom and pick up my curriculum to start planning! Needless to say Alison and I were EXHAUSTED. We went back to our apartment after dinner, unpacked our suitcases, and hit the sack! Today (thursday) we drove our little car (pictures of all to come) to the 100 yen store ($1) to pick up some odds and ends for our apartment and met up with our Pricipal and his wife at school for lunch and to go apartment hunting for our fellow American teacher who arrives next week. I am now sitting in the school office writing to you! The apartment will have internet on Monday so I will return then to tell you a bit more about what it is like here on Okinawa! I love you all and miss you already!


  1. So glad you girls made it safe and sound!

  2. You made it! Look forward to seeing some pics soon.