Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sunday Super Sale!!

This Sunday, Teachers Pay Teachers is hosting a sale! So, while your husbands, boyfriends, dads, brothers, and other men in your life are watching football, you can be shopping! What a dream! Save up to 28% all over TpT. I know my wishlist is growing daily, just waiting for this sale. I would love for you to visit my store. Click on the Teachers Pay Teachers icon on the right side of this page!

Happy Shopping (and to make my boyfriend proud, GO NINERS)!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Something new...

I absolutely love trying new things with my kiddos! This weekend, on Teachers Pay Teachers, I came across the QR Queens. They have developed products using QR Codes, able to be scanned with your iPad, iPod, or iPhone, with the free app. Each scan takes the students to a video or site where they can explore new things. I tried out their freebie about Penguins, as we just so happen to be in the middle of our Penguin unit. So, this week, at my iPod center, the kiddos are using the codes to view videos and songs to learn more about Penguins. Click here to see this lesson from QR Queens.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gettin ready for Phil...

Are you looking for a few Groundhog activities to share with your kiddos next week? Click here for a free groundhog brainstorming activity. Then, click here to go to my TpT store for a Groundhog Day FREEBIE which includes a special poem and memory match game! Any feedback you may have is much appreciated!


Monday, January 21, 2013

Freebie Linky Party!

Attention all primary teachers! Post 1 or more of your favorite freebies to pass on to other primary teachers so they can implement them into their classrooms too! Spread the love, share this post on your blogs so others can participate too!


Edible Snowflakes!

This week, we made edible snowflakes! This is such a fun seasonal activity I found on Our Best Bites. Click here to view the original blog post! It's because of activities like this, that I've learned to always keep a few extra pairs of scissors for baking purposes only! :) 

We sprinkled ours with cinnamon and sugar before baking! MMMM!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Week of MLK and more winter fun!

This week begins the craziness of January and February holidays and themes! Does anyone else feel the craziness of the season? This week, we're learning all about Martin Luther King as well as having some mitten fun. Today was "Mitten Day." The kiddos got to come to school in their mittens, hats, and scarves. As a so cal girl, I thought, 'this will be such a fun day since we never get to experience a real winter.' Well, as I drove to school this morning, my car temp showing 35 freakin degrees, I was increasingly thankful for my mittens! :)

 Most of the pictures below are from my Winter and Martin Luther King packs.

MLK Rhyming Match Up. The kiddos cannot get enough rhyming word practice!
Math Fact Mitten Match Up- I especially love the mini marshmallows (aka snowballs) to assist with adding together some of the larger problems. Throw in some food and kids are glued to the activity!
Snowflake Sort and Graph
MLK Write the Room- Clearly, I don't have enough wall space in my room!
Hot Cider and Hot Chocolate taste test! I was so incredibly impressed with how well my kiddos completed their graphs while asking their classmates which hot drink they liked the best. Below are a few sample pages completed today.

This morning, each student completed a rhyming word mitten match up. My kiddos never cease to amaze me. I am so pleased with how well they're beginning to work independently. My babies are growing up!
So, while I absolutely love reading comments when they're posted, I have been wondering lately if anyone reads what I write. Please tell me what your favorite winter activities are! Or maybe you want to tell me what I should be posting more of! Tell me anything! :)


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ring in the New Year!

Well, we all survived our first week back! You never quite know how it will go after having two weeks off. The kids did a wonderful job remembering our classroom routines and procedures. This week's focus was on the New Year. Below are some pictures from my Ring in the New Year pack. I was so pleased with how well they picked right up where they'd left off!

NewYear Party Hat here for a FREEBIE pattern worksheet
The kiddos did a wonderful job making their New Year's Resolutions! There are some moms out there who are going to have REALLY clean floors! ;)

Party Balloon Spin and Graph
One of my goals for my students in this next part of the year is to become more and more comfortable using the computer keyboard. It seems with the increase of iPads in homes there is less and less need for a desktop computer. Anyhow, I would like for my students to begin typing some of their writing to be posted onto their blog. If you'd like to check out how awesome Kidblog is, click here! I apologize for not having anything posted in the last two months. Notice that up until now, I have been taking a picture of each student's writing to post to their blog.

rING in the New Year Real or Nonsense Words
TIME to celebrate! Telling time to the hour. I loved hearing my kids say, when cleaning up, 'I'll clean up the analog clocks and you can clean up the digital clocks!' Makes my heart happy!
Countdown to the New Year!
 This week was pretty mellow as far as the amount of work we needed to cover. That will not be said again for the next several weeks! Here are some things we're looking forward to: Martin Luther King Jr, Valentines, Penguins, Presidents, Chinese New Year, Groundhog Day, and much more! Makes me tired just thinking about it! :) Here's to a wonderful 2013!


Monday, January 7, 2013

Birthday SALE!

Click on the picture to visit my store!


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ready or Not...

...the kiddos are returning!! Check out my New Year pack if you're looking for some center activities to get your kiddos through their first week back to school! Get them thinking about new year resolutions, practice telling time and graphing, counting backwards from 20, completing patterns, recognizing the lowercase alphabet in mixed order,  and real or nonsense words in the -ing family.

Hope everyone's break was restful, yet productive :)