Thursday, August 7, 2008

Going backwards a the airport...

Our journey to Japan began on Monday night with a gathering of friends and family for the "last supper" at In n Out. We had a great time of fellowship and hanging out together! On the way back to my house to pick up my luggage Cheryl decided to have a blowout!

Once this was fixed we were on our way to the airport. Thanks to Alison's mom who arrived a bit earlier, we did not have to stand in line. Due to the massive amount of stuff we brought there was a need to shift some things around before checking our luggage. Before heading to inspection we stopped to take a quick picture of our "life." We finally said our sad goodbye and boarded our plane. We were incredibly blessed to be given, at the last minute, the emergency exit row seat. I had more leg room than I could have ever wanted!!

After a 13 1/2 hour trip to Taipei, Alison and I were quite a mess, so we stopped by a bathroom and freshened up in the airport.

Upon arriving in Okinawa we were greeted by our Principal, Mr. Elofson, and a few teachers from the school. And so began the adventure!

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  1. Boy that is a lot of luggage... what a heavy life ya'll lead!