Saturday, August 16, 2008

American Village...

Today Alison, Rachel, and I went to the beach today to soak in some hot hot hot sun and explore a bit. We walked quite a ways, well it seemed like much longer as we were DRIPPING in sweat! Below is one of the 10 pictures we took. None of them were real great since Alison's hair took over the entire screen! Apparently her hair does not like the weather in Japan!

After washing away the sweat the three of us headed to the American Village where everything is in Japanese, ironic. After eating a decent Mexican dinner we stopped to watch this band "perform." I would say sing but they had so many other fun things going for them. Please watch the video I posted, it was only a taste of what we encountered tonight! Excuse any bouncing as I was trying to control my laughter. :)

From there we people watched in front of Starbucks...Oh, Alison and I also bought travel mugs at Starbucks since we have decided we won't be able to afford going more than once every other week (the talls are more expensive than our ventis) and the coffee addiction is becoming more prominent in our apartment! After awhile we noticed some commotion going on across the street so we marched ourselves through the intersection (diagonal fun!) and found a juggler. He was quite entertaining with music, dance moves, flames, and apparently was funny and we couldn't even understand what he was saying! Here's the funny part...While we were standing there I noticed this short, young, white guy walk up next to Alison. He looked at her and I knew what was coming next, though she was oblivious. hehe He eventually made small talk and we were all introduced to him and his friend. This was followed by them asking us to get a drink and go bowling with them, though we all knew this guy just wanted to go out with Alison. I learned Alison is not very good at saying no, so I had to reject the poor guy for her! lol We laughed REAL hard about it when we got back home!!


  1. Ok.. so way funny video!!! The fact that he actually took the time to get a chair I was expecting him to do more than just stand on it! He might be a good friend for Alison - they both look like Japan doesn't like their hair!!! lol! As for helping Alison with making the right kind of friends... good girl Adrienne... way to be "the boy!!" Love you lots and hope all the details of life and your current need for coffee is satisfied daily!!

  2. I loved the video! I definitely think Alison should hook up with him! They can jump together and have matching hair! I love you and miss you!