Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...

On Sunday, the crew and I went to visit Neighborhood Church (Assemblies of God). We liked it much more than the Calvary Chapel we'd visited the two weeks prior. It reminded me a lot of church growing up with old school Covina (my family will understand this). It was quite refreshing. Monday and Tuesday were filled with finishing details in my classroom. I have started to feel quite exhausted mentally over these last few days. Laura had the crew over last night for dinner on base. Checking in at the "Control Center" is quite the experience. They had to check in our vehicle and look over our driver's licenses and passports...this happens every time a non military person enters the base! WOW! Anyways, she met us at the gate and we followed her in to her house. I must admit from the outside they all look like prison, but the inside is quite large and very cute. She has this MASSIVE dog, Barkley, who is not nearly as scary as he looks, though he appears to resemble a bear! Laura had a job to do last night after we left her place. She had to deliver a Happy Birthday sign to a fellow military wife's yard. Their husbands squadron "mascot" is a bat, so the wives are called bat babes. lol Check out the picture!

Today I had my parent meeting. It went very well. The parents are very sweet and the kids are too cute! It was so awkward talking with a translator. It kind of messes with your head! I had the parents draw a picture of their child to leave for them on the first day of school. It is real comical to watch adults color and they turned out adorable! I might have to hang them for a while! :) I made myself a goal to be ready for the first day of school before my parent meeting so I could leave and have half a day of relaxing, and that is what I'm doing now. Just before coming home Alison and I went to lunch with Laura and Mekeio.

Now, exhausted as I am, I'm ready to start school tomorrow! Here are a few more pictures of my classroom all ready for kiddy's!

Love you all and miss you....I'm loving the comments and emails! :)


  1. Wow, Adrienne! The room looks great! How many classroom supplies did you bring with you and what was already there? I would have a hard time choosing what to bring and what to leave if I was in your situation, ;). Glad you're able to relax before the first day. :)

  2. Yay, I'm glad that all is well. I will be praying that your first day goes well...mine doesn't start till Tuesday. This is gonna be a STUPID question, but do they celebrate Labor Day in Japan?? Probably not huh?? I don't know. Do they have thier own National Holidays that you get off? Anywhoozal, I love and miss you mucho my friend!!!

  3. I love your classroom! You have done a great job on such limited resources! Love you!