Friday, August 29, 2008

Day 2...

Today was SO much better than yesterday! Thank you for your prayers. They were way more clued in to whats going on and as a class behaved 5 times better. I have a few struggling kids in 2 different categories. Group 1: Behavior issues, immaturity, and serious "ants in the pants" syndrome. Group 2: Severe language difficulties, as in knows NO English, doesn't respond to any prompting, and cannot identify more than 5 letters (according to school expectations they should be able to identify 99% of them). The class is currently learning all their colors, the alphabet, numbers, Community helper: Teacher, things that go, and how much God loves us! Not too shabby :) I attached some pictures below of my kids around the classroom today. Enjoy my kiddos!

Looking forward to a 3 day weekend...


  1. The kids look darling, how many children are in your class. Good luck, it will get easier each day I am sure.


  2. Your class is cute! I will continue to pray for the ones with issues. It looks like they are enjoying your activities and staying on task! Keep up the good work!