Sunday, August 31, 2008

More festivals and sightseeing...

On Saturday night, the crew (my new name for Rachel, Alison, and I) went to a festival near the American Village. We had, and still have, no idea what it was called, but we paid 500 yen to get in to this stadium type place and sit on the grass with a ton of other people and watch different groups perform in a variety of ways. I have posted here two videos so you can get a glimpse. The second one was kinda strange, it was like a play with lots of animal noises!

EVERYONE had these blow up pink panthers!! After church today, the crew (hehe i'm so funny) went to church and then, utilizing a great Okinawa tour book from Laura, decided to go visit a Lighthouse up the island a bit. On the way we saw signs for some castle ruins so we took a detour (the tour book literally said make a right at the gas station so that is the reason for the picture below). It was quite fascinating and beautiful! The ruins that is, not the gas station. hehe

"The Crew"

We have taken to making up our own meaning for what certain signs say...For example, this sign on the gate...We decided it said "Be careful" instead of "Do not enter" LOL

I want you all to feel included, so humor me for a moment...These little signs are everywhere and when I first glanced over I said, "Not ice??" What does that mean? Then after taking a few more steps I realized what it really said. Yeah, we laughed at my stupidity for quite some time! I still claim the I is too far from the T!! :) After the ruins we continued on our way to the lighthouse at Cape Zampa. We paid 200 yen to get into the lighthouse and climb to the top. It was quite exhausting and I was starting to have Bunker Hill flashbacks. We made it though! We stood up there for the longest time in awe of the view and the fisherman below on the rocks. Yes, this is what I had to crawl through to get out of the stairwell and onto the lookout deck of the lighthouse!

Here is the view from the top
This is the view looking down

Nearing sunset...


  1. The sights look awesome!! I personally love that your "Not Ice" says: "Take dog droppings home." Personally, I don't prefer to take my dog's droppings home, I would rather toss them in a rubbish bin. Really, my own personal preference though.

  2. I love all the pictures! It is really beautiful there! And I agree, the I is too far away from the T. I saw "NOT ICE" also! Love you and miss you! XOXOXOXO

  3. Adrienne you are soo cute! I agree with you, the T is too far from the I :)
    I love you and miss you