Friday, May 1, 2009

Women's Retreat...

Last weekend was Neighborhood's Women's Retreat up at Camp Schwab, a marine base about an hour north from home. They have really nice cabins on base that are overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It really is a tough life living here on Okinawa! :)
The weekend was great! Over the course of the two days we had 4 teaching sessions focusing on Charles Swindoll's book "Intimacy with the Almighty." There were four disciplines that Marlene taught on....simplicity, silence, solitude, and surrender. Over the course of the weekend we were challenged to apply each discipline to our own lives and I especially appreciated the time we had to reflect and talk with the other ladies at the retreat. We also spent time in devotions and prayer in our cabins, had time for solitude, put together and decorated scarpbooks, had a fabulous barbecue thanks to Pastor Wes and Pastor Clay, and a great time of sharing, laughter, and prayer at our PJ party on Friday night. I also must say that this weekend was the first time in over 9 months Alison and I spent a night apart! I know we may be pretty pathetic but I'm happy to say we survived with flying colors. :)
I cannot begin to express how this weekend has challenged me, especially with looking ahead to going back home and getting back into the swing of busy California life. I am so thankful for the women at Neighborhood, many of which have been a great encouragement and friend to me over the past 10 months.

This is the view from one of the cabins! Here is my cabin...
Colleen and I at one of the sessions Michelle, Eva, and Alison apparently kickin back a bit Alison, Lisette, and I at the Friday bbq
Michelle, Omayra, and I...Cabin mates

We made a pit stop on the way home from the retreat for some lunch at Camp Hansen, another new one for us.

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