Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cake Decorating...

Backtracking prior to coming to Japan, Alison and I had discussed and started to research where we could take cake decorating classes, then with all the craziness of coming to Japan and getting everything ready that slipped through the cracks. So when we came to Okinawa and started to get to know Rocky and Gina we found out that Gina decorates cakes on the side for every occasion you could possibly imagine. She told us she would give a lesson sometime and that time arrived this week! Alison and I were so excited to try it out! Lisette and Mika from church joined us and we each decorated our own cake. Our teacher, Gina, taught us how to frost, trim, as well as some other secrets to decorating cakes. Here we are trying out our new skills!
We were all VERY focused on our works of art! :)
Here is my cake all trimmed and ready to be decorated! Not too bad for my first time huh?
Here is Gina showing us how to make roses...Gina was a great teacher! :)
Here is my star cake all done, nice and simple...I decided I would bring it to school on Wednesday to feed my kids...They loved it and the staff was impressed with my cake decorating skills! haha I try!
Here is the class with our teacher :) We love her!

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