Monday, May 4, 2009

the most BEAUTIFUL weekend yet...

Alison and I have developed a list of the things yet to see on Okinawa over the next 6 weeks. One of those things was to visit one of the other small islands close by. So on Saturday, with the absolutely amazing weather, we decided to take that trip. We drove up past Nago and headed across a bridge that lead to one island and continued onto another bridge to a second one. The drive up was an breathtaking as will never get old!
As soon as we came across the second bridge we found this local beach with lots of other families hanging out around the water. We laid out our towels on these steps and relaxed for a while, in other words I napped. :)
More of this beautiful place we call home, for now.
If only the pictures could actually capture the fabulous colors of the water
Sunday was yet another beautiful day so Alison and I thought we'd head over to the sea wall to pay another visit to the Transit Cafe. Long story short, it ended up being 10 of us and the small cafe was packed so after a short photo opp :) at the sea wall we headed to the restaurant at the Kadena Marina.
In the picture are Clay and Marlene (temporary assistant Pastors at Neighborhood and Robert, Lisette, and Sage)
Robert and his funny faces
Alison and I on the sea wall :)
Robert and Lisette invited us to go snorkeling on Sunday after lunch so after a quick change of clothes we met up with them and headed out to the cape. Though when we arrived we noticed the waters were quite choppy, but we gave it a go anyways. It lasted about 10 minutes and we decided it was just too rough to continue so we drove down the road a bit and tried a different location. This time we walked a significant way out into the shallow water where we found it most dirt and coral. With that we resolved to try again next weekend and head home for a quick shower and evening service.
Alison had a small mishap with a ran into her....she was tough though and now has a battle wound to show for it.
Here we are leaving our final stop, Alison seemed to be just a little excited :)
The weekend was wonderful with lots of fellowship and good times with people I will truly miss! I'm looking forward to 5 or 6 more just like it!

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