Monday, May 25, 2009

Long Weekend Fun...

Memorial Day weekend began with our church's picnic and water baptism service on Saturday. We went down to Torii Beach, on the Army base, and had a fantastic time with our church family. I attempted to play some beach volleyball, and was reminded why I play in a gym. :) There is absolutely nothing like the fellowship of this family! The water baptism time was great. Fifteen people were baptized! I have been and continue to be blessed by these people. I cannot say it enough!

Here is a group shot of everyone! Lisete and I
The best japanmate ever!!
I'm going to miss them!!
There was dancing....yes, dancing...A few of the high schoolers needed to make their own music video for a project for Chinese class, so they were looking for people to come dance for them. Josh, Jerard, and Cyndi agreed. This is what they got! Let's just say at the end of it all Pastor told Jerard he needed to see him down at the altar on Sunday morning. ;)

Following the picnic Alison and I went to Lisete's, showered, and headed out to pick up some chick flicks for later. We stopped by Rocky and Gina's to have some pizza then headed back to Lisete's for a sleepover. It was a fun night with the girls!
After church on Sunday, Alison and I spent a relaxing afternoon and evening at Kim's with her and the kids. We watching movies, ate steak, and I napped...of course :) Please keep Matthew, the youngest boy (second grade), in your prayers. The doctors found lumps in his neck/throat area and have been doing tests to determine what it is. The doctor's have not been positive about it, but God is good and he truly does take care of us! Matthew survived more tests today with flying colors and they will be awaiting the results.
On Monday, Rocky, Gina, Robert, Lisete, Sage, Alison, and I headed out to Forest Adventures to do some more zip lining. It was a beautiful day and we had a blast! I must say that I was much better with my landings this time around, apparently practice does make perfect.
Robert and Lisete making their way through the final course
Me trying to land gracefully....haha
Here is a video of the Tarzan jump...SCARY! (Still trying to upload this video...not going so well for me)
From Forest Adventures we headed up north a bit more to have lunch at Pizza in the Sky. We'd been once before but this was on the list to do again before heading home. Check! Here we are waiting to be seated. My japanmate and I again, this time with a special person peeking behind...
Gina wanted to take a picture with Rocky next to the sign for the restaurant on the way down the hill so we stopped on the side of the road. Rocky lifted the hood to make it look like we were stopped for a legitimate reason...I found that hilarious and had to take a picture!
The weekend was amazing and filled with lots of good memories. I can't believe these weekends are winding down already. I know I say this a lot but I am blessed!

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