Thursday, May 14, 2009

Time continues to fly...

Last Saturday was our church's All Mothers and All Daughters Tea. Since Alison and I are both daughters, though we didn't get to be with our moms, we decided we would go for the fellowship. It was held on Camp Foster at Globe and Anchor Club. We had a fun time sitting with Kim and Emma, Cyndi, and one of the youth. There were A LOT of young girls there, being the military environment with lots of young families. They were really cute all dressed up learning about tea etiquette.
Kim did a short drama skit with a couple of the girls, cue cards included. It was quite funny!
Then we had a had making contest including a cat walk. Our table nominated Emma to have to wear the fabulous hat we made....NOT fabulous at all really. Ours was quite possibly the worst one there. I must the Japanese really know how to make hats. No exaggeration, their paper plates were turned into what looked like store bought hats! serious talent!
Here are the hat models representing each table.
Following the tea, Alison and I took Emma and Alisia for some hang out time and sleepover. We headed back to the apartment and changed to go to the beach since it was yet another gorgeous day! We hung out there for a bit then decided to get shaved ice, only the best ever! So much better than the states, finer ice and not so sweet syrup. Though I must say that I have never waited 30 minutes to receive my order of ice with syrup. Thankfully the weather was great and the company even better. from there we decided to make our way to American Village to ride the Ferris wheel, for the first time. It was most definitely on our list of things to do before leaving Okinawa. Check. It was a lot of fun and included some pics.
Alisia and I
The girls
After what was supposed to be a 15 minute ride, we thought it was more like 8, we headed back home to watch some teeny bopper movies, paint our nails, and eat mac and cheese and lumpia (Alisia's mom, Pauline, made it for us...really good!) We have a great time and learned some new things about these girls, like how they get when they're tired. Good times!
We started our 5 week countdown to our Cali arrival this Monday...Alison and I have been waiting to visit the Garlic House, a restaurant with anything garlic you could possible imagine, with Rocky and Gina, so on Tuesday evening, after a long day, we tried to make that trip. When we arrived after a 30 minute drive we found a sign on the door that said "Closed for extra holiday." Hmmm didn't know that was a normal thing, apparently in Japan it is. So instead we went to The Pizza House, formerly the US embassy, and enjoyed some good pizza and salad and some quality time with the Young at Heart, as Rocky refers to himself. I have been so blessed by Rocky and Gina, I can't even explain it. Alison and I laugh our heads off every time we're around them and always feel so much more relaxed afterwards. So after our long day this was the perfect way to spend the evening. After dinner we went to a different 100 yen store and ended the night with Big Dip Ice Cream.
Love them!
The week went on and my kids got more crazy. Being busy in the evening time really helped with my sanity. Continuing with the fellowship trend, which I must say has been completely amazing this year, Alison and I had Pastor Clay and Marlene Glickert over for dinner on Thursday night. We had a really fun time with them. After dinner we played cards. I learned how to play Hearts. They are an awesome couple and are just another reason I find it very difficult to say goodbye to Neighborhood.
So now it's Friday night, just got home from babysitting at the Love Dare meeting, and am preparing for what will be one of our final tour book days tomorrow. We're headed down south for the last time to catch a few more things...praying for a beautiful day!

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