Monday, May 4, 2009

Spirit Week=Crazy Kids

Last week was spirit week at school. Each day was a special dress up day that provided for many laughs, but also crazy times. Below are a couple pictures of my kids during the week!
Here are Adriel (Kindergarten) and Alyssa on Twin Day...They dressed up like Adriel. It was really adorable!
Some of my students on favorite character day....We had everything from Belle, Tinkerbell, Spiderman, Kobe Bryant, a Japanese animated character (I can't remember the name) and "Nathaniel" (he dressed up like himself :) )
More exciting news for the week....I discovered some water leaking from the back of my sink early in the week so the school called up the landlord to come and take a look. He came Thursday afternoon and "fixed" my sink. By the end of the school day I noticed there was more water coming out so my aide and I put some paper down on the floor to soak it up until we could called the landlord back on Friday...Except when I walked into my classroom on Friday morning the entire back of my classroom was covered in water. So exciting! After initially mopping up the mess, I was informed that the guys would be in there for most of the day fixing the sink again, so I got to move my class upstairs to the Japanese room for the day. Thankfully we survived Friday and my sink is now fixed for good. :) Never a dull moment!

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