Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sweet Potato Digging...

Today was the big sweet potato digging field trip! Unlike the states, these kids were allowed to come and go as they pleased with their parents. Some kids met at school, some didn't. We had 4 kids come back to school at the end of the trip (at 1:45) of the three classes that went! Entire families joined us today, with digging gear and all! It really was a great time to see the families together, though I couldn't communicate with most of them. This culture truly is very family oriented. After digging we headed to Toguchi Beach (we were at a park overlooking the beach) to play and eat lunch.
Yes, they wore matching outfits! :)

Purple sweet potatoes!

Here we all are walking out of the field to the cars...

The kids at the after digging party!

The girls made me go down this awesome slide with them...

Here was the view from the top of a pathway at the park/beach...awful isn't it! ;)


  1. What an awesome thing to have so many parents interested in participating in their children's lives... parents here in North America could learn something really valuable from them... giving them more than just stuff! Never gone potato picking - what an interesting field trip! Glad you were "forced" to go down the slide... one must take every opportunity to play! Miss you!

  2. What a wonderful field trip! How nice to be able to come and go as you please and have such wonderful family involvement! I wish Bella was in your class right now! I love you and miss you!