Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yuck and Fun...

With 4 typhoons circling everywhere but over us we are receiving the raw end of the deal with just irritating rain! I found out the most exciting news ever...I get to do devotions 2 times in October, the 1st and the 31st. How did I get so lucky? We're also planning for our Fall Festival, school fundraiser. Each class has to put on their own game booth. Any ideas? I'm kind of pressed for time, I found out about this thing 2 days ago and should know my booth by tomorrow! It's almost stressing me out thinking about it as we will all have to be outside running this thing from 9-2! Can you say sweat rag? On the home front, Alison and I have been having some issues with our towels smelling like rotten something. She did some research and we've tried putting in vinegar, bleach, double washing them....all kinds of fun things. Want to know how it worked out? We went to Jusco and each bought a new towel tonight! :) lol Oh, we picked up our tickets for Tokyo from the travel agency yesterday...we're very excited to get to experience "real" Japan. Okinawa is definitely more laid back and Hawaii-like, on their own time schedule. This week is missions week at church so Alison and I may be spending a few nights this week over at Neighborhood. Tomorrow the preschool, prekindergarten, and kindergarten are going sweet potato digging somewhere out in a field. Definintely not your typical "American" field trip. lol I am very interested to see how this goes and you know there will be pictures! :)


  1. Glad you're with me in Japan...couldn't survive without you!

  2. Are you still looking for booth ideas? I know this is a bit late but thought it couldn't hurt asking. Hope all is well. Love keeping up with your adventures with Alison :)

    Booth ideas:
    Pushing a sailboat along with a squirt gun
    Penny toss
    Beanbag toss
    Ring toss
    Rice Crispy Walk