Sunday, September 14, 2008

Safe place...

Japan is AWESOME...when I am at church. :) I have never in my life experienced such a sense of freedom from worries, stress, and things of life, like I did today in church. Today I felt, for maybe the first time, what it is like to leave the worries of life COMPLETELY at the door and let God speak and comfort. From the moment I walked into church today I felt an overwhelming peace about everything involving Japan and life in general. There is a sincere desire for God's presence and genuine teaching of the word. It is SO refreshing! Sitting in church, everything about Japan feels so right and it's hard to even think about the trying things that go on daily. Thank you all for the prayers that are said on my behalf. I feel surrounded!

Last night Alison and I had tacos for dinner, a successful meal. The idea came about because we had 3 packages of ground beef from a few weeks ago. Why 3 you ask? Well, I saw what looked like a "sale" when the packages had a symbol that appeared to mean 3 for 980 yen (about $9.80). I said, "Alison! Look! They're on sale!!" lol She believed me so we bought 3. Turns out they weren't on sale and now we have extra meat that we paid full price for! I love inventing my own deals!! Anyways, we had soft tacos that ended up being not so cheap (5 tortillas for 3 dollars). Ridiculous huh? Then we made our first batch of rice krispie treats (chocolate, cuz we couldn't find any regular rice krispies). We did every part of the process in Alison's pan. She wasn't kidding when she said it could do it all!
We have had some crazy weather here this weekend. Random bouts of pouring rain and lots of wind in 85 degree weather! One second it's dry and the next there are sheets of water falling from the sky, then as quickly as it began, it's over! How does one dress for such weather?
The talk in Japan is how big all the bugs are. Almost everyone has some story about how they found a creepy crawler in their house. It has been over a month and we have not yet experienced this trauma :) I am literally waiting for it to happen. Every time I walk into the bathroom I am waiting for something huge and black to jump out at me! AH! You can bet you'll hear about it when it happens!

Lots of random thoughts! Love you all!

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  1. Hi Adrienne... catching up reading all the blogs... finished Alison's last week and now your turn! So awesome to hear about church... was encouraging for me and a great reminder that God is our fortress and ever present help. He is always right there and I think living our comfortable life here we end up missing out on experiencing God's total provision 'cause we fill up or patch over our needs with other things! When all you have is God you realize HE is all you've ever needed! So glad you have a safe place and that you found it in Him!