Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shout out...

Alright, so when I ask Alison to give me something to read she writes a blog. We made rice krispie treats tonight and since I was raving about her pan she asked me to give her pan a shout out in my blog. So...here it is...Alison's pan is AMAZING! You know when you make rice krispie treats and you melt the marshmallows then add in the rice krispies and everything sticks to the pan? You have to scrape it all out of the pan before letting it set? Well, let me tell you that this pan is so great the treats simply fall out of the pan leaving almost nothing behind. Way to go Caphalon! What what!!! lol


  1. You're listening to me laugh at this right now...my pan and I thank you for the shout out :)

  2. Hi my cousin! It's Michelle
    I have so enjoyed reading your blogs. You should think of a career in writing. It's fun to read your tales of the adventures you are having in Japan.

    Though I am sure it is very difficult being away from all that is familiar, it seems that you are taking things in stride and making the best of things.

    I saw the picture of you in your raincoat on Alison's blog. Too cute!