Saturday, September 20, 2008

So much to see...

Today began with my first massage in Japan. We went to this place called "Come Across." Alison still doesn't remember the name calling it "Come Again" or "Come Over." She's old, it's okay! ;) We parked in a little garage under the building and walked upstairs where there was a large room separated by curtains. I got a 20 minute back massage that was much different from any that I have had before, enough oil for 5 massages. In my opinion, it was too fluffy, not deep tissue enough. Oh well it was relaxing and felt really good! happened...the doorbell rang...Alison went to the door and I heard her say "Yes, that's us." Woohoo! We got our boxes sent to us by the wonderful people of San Gabriel Christian!! We were terribly excited. There were so many fun things in the box, one being the Spring Concert DVD from last year. Alison and I watched it and of course, she had a moment! :)

This afternoon Rocky, a fellow New Life teacher, took the crew to do some sightseeing. We made our way to the Pacific Ocean side of Okinawa to a beach where we went out on a glass bottom boat. I had never even heard of this before, super cool! The center of the boat had a glass bottom and we all gathered around to look down at the fish. It was a very beautiful experience. The water is simply amazing, so unbelievably clear! There were some awesome fish though they were hard to capture on camera. I found the rainbow fish below quite fascinating. I've decided I am really liking the "video" feature on my camera. :) If you can't tell already!

You win a virtual hug from me if you can find Nemo in this blog!! :)

After the trip out we spent some time with our feet in the Pacific Ocean. I found a boat and decided to sit in it for awhile. Rocky told me I could sit in it as long as I didn't take it anywhere! No problem there!

Here is our glass bottom boat!

This is Rocky trying to get the camera off of him. Oh well, he obviously lost.
From the beach we went to Okinawa World which included Gyokusendo cave (do not ask me how to say that!). The cave was...wet! Sorry, the pictures didn't turn out so well.

"OOOO can we touch it??"

When we finally made our way through the cave (the above picture is the escalator out of the cave) we walked through the rest of the village and saw lots of things typical of Okinawan culture. We walked through the glass blowing section, sugar making mill (we were able to taste all kinds of sugar things), and other fun shopping centers.

Here we are pretending to be Buddhist gods (more like Buddhist dogs lol)

On the way home Rocky treated us to, in his opinion, the best ice cream on the island. It was quite good! We followed up that stop with dinner at a Soba (Japanese noodles/soup) restaurant. It was pretty yummy, but challenging with chopsticks!

We made it back home just in time to watch a little Gilmore Girls to complete an already fun filled day! :)


  1. Did you thouroughly enjoy the glass blowing section? When I read that it reminded me of Olvera Street and how Kristen, Amy, and I were SO ready to go while you and Rachel were enthralled with it...hahaha. Love you much!

  2. I found Nemo! I want my hug! I can't believe you've never heard of a glass bottom boat. I went on my first one when I was like 5! It looks like you enjoyed it! Miss you!