Friday, September 26, 2008

Another week...

The week started out a bit rough with many thoughts of home. It was finally my turn to ask Alison if we could go home and, like I say to her, "Sure, we'll go back to our wood box." The week continued on and with only one little breakdown I made it to another weekend! :) Thank goodness there is lots of laughter in Japan! We seem to find everything hilarious!

I posted some pictures below of a few things that struck me this week...
If you look closely you can see the ocean...This is the drive on our way home from work! Amazing!
Yes, that man is standing up on the bed of the truck! I thought they were strict about seat belt laws! I was trying to get Alison to move in closer so I could get a better picture, but it's kind of hard on a single land road. Then again, lots of people drive on the shoulder lane!I won this fabulous piece of glass last weekend! lol It can be yours if the price is right! hehe Notice how Alison censored my Japan Man.

The highlight of my week was Thursday night. Alison and I parked by American village and walked down to the beach. We found ourselves a seat on the edge of a wall overlooking the water, though there wasn't too much to see in the dark. It was incredibly relaxing! We talked about being in Japan (of course) and also about what it will be like to come back after traveling a bit. Will it be like coming home to a place more familiar than the places we visit? I'll let you know! ...We also did some people watching in American village. As we sat, eating our ice cream, we saw two different couples come take pictures with this Japanese statue in the middle of the central area of the village. After we finished laughing, Alison and I decided to replicate their poses. Check back again, I will post those pictures right here soon!!! You won't want to miss them!
My kids helped make Apple Crisp at school on Friday for our final "A" activity. It went well, not too crazy, and most of them really enjoyed it! We just might have to do some more baking this year! Oh and my class of 13 is becoming 14 on Monday (a preschooler is being brought up) and it is possible I might be at 15 soon. Yikes! What's happening to my small class?!?!

I don't know that this picture even needs a caption...Lori, can you figure out what's going on here? I think they might belong to you! lol

I know, I know, I have big feet!...and a lot of shoes!

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  1. Wonder why you're getting more kids? The answer: words getting around as to what a fun teacher you are!

    Making apple crisp sounds like fun... you'll have to make it for me next summer. :)

    Keeping you in prayer. Miss you!