Monday, September 8, 2008

God is good...

Time seems to be flying by over here in Okinawa, even if it has been one of the most difficult months ever! I can't believe it has been 5 weeks! It has been SO good hearing from many of you at home. Alison and I sit and talk almost every night about being in Japan and trying to figure out exactly what's going on over here. There have been many moments of uncertainty and frustration, but I've also had moments when it makes sense and I realize the impact this is having on my life and the amazing comfort I get from being in God's presence. The crew has been attending Neighborhood Assembly of God for the last 3 weeks. Alison and I have also gone to the midweek service for the past few weeks. We decided it is the safest (emotionally), most comforting place on this island right now. We've had a chance to rest in his presence in the midst of the craziness of life in Japan. For those of you old school Covina people :) you'll find this entertaining...We took communion at church on Sunday and before the men served they all walked down the center isle, lined up at the front, received the trays, then walked to their designated spot. hehe All of a sudden I was 13 and saw my dad standing there at the front in his suit! Good times!
I've also learned how much I love getting mail. I like it so much, I even get excited when the mail is for Alison! lol I'm so pathetic! I think the biggest thing is seeing something in our mailbox that is in English! :) I got 2 boxes today from Amy and that about made my day! You see, I walked into my classroom this morning to a huge trail of ants from the wall (that apparently isn't sealed) across the back of my room to my little kitchen area where they surrounded a dead cockroach! Yes, a lovely way to begin your Monday! But...then...I got my mail! Oh how exciting!
Alison is quite the drama queen, though she would say the opposite! :) (she's going to shoot me when she reads this...yes we read each other's blogs and laugh lol) We laugh at each other often...For example, we were just brushing our teeth and she commented on how well I hold my spit when brushing and in turn I started to drool and that just made things worse! Alison continued by laughing (really more like a squeal) and pointing at the toothpaste dripping everywhere! Other exciting things that happen involve me pretending to drop our laundry off the balcony, Alison and I smelling things in the grocery store since we can't read the labels ("Sure Alison this smells like barbecue sauce"), our down comforters smelling like wet dogs lol, the blood like substance that seems to be dripping out of my air conditioner onto the walkway outside, a trip to the travel agency that involves lots of hand motions with nothing conclusive, me tripping on everything we walk by including LINES, and our shock when seeing the splendid things people do here like intently stare at the American girls! :) There are so many more that I can't think of, but I do realize these things may be more funny to Japan!
I'm off to bed...Good morning to you!


  1. You, my dear, are a funny drama queen :) I on the other hand am the super stable normal one!

  2. Wow....lots of fun times!! Sounds like you are having a blast but experiencing homesickness...but June will get here sooner than you know!! We had our first non Adrienne outing this weekend and it was defintely sad to be without you!!! But we'll make up for lost time! I love you!!!

  3. I can totally picture Alison saying something about your spit! And then squealing as you are drooling! I love it! I miss you so much and am glad that you are beginning to adjust and have found a comfortable place to be in the presence of God! I love you!