Monday, September 15, 2008

Great day...

Today was a gift from God! Before I get into the REALLY good stuff here is a video that I took today of my class singing a song most of them learned last year and the rest of us are learning now. They are some of the cutest things. The motions were on a DVD that we were watching while I was taping. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did...and do every day! :)

After school today Lori was working on putting together a Classroom Direct order upstairs in the office when Alison came to pick me up. We got to chatting/ordering/browsing (I felt ADD and was looking through the teacher resource books) and long story short she asked if we wanted to go to the BX (base exchange) tonight. We were terribly excited! That place is so cool! It's like a target/best buy/bed bath and beyond all put together including a Coach section, department store clothing and shoe department area, cosmetic section ranging from real expensive to way inexpensive. I know I made this sound very hodge podge,but let me tell you it was!!!! It was quite the experience with Lori and her husband and two girls. Izzie decided halfway through our trip that she NEEDED to checkout and leave because she thought the store was going to close with us in it (she had a bad I made it all better with a piggy back ride, though I made sure she knew this would not happen at school and it was our little secret! Fun times! She is just adorable. After our shopping trip they took us to the main place eating center. Oh my goodness, we ate TACO BELL!! It was by far the most exciting thing in the last 6 weeks. We struck gold! Don't tell, but I snagged some extra taco sauce just in case! :) There was also a brief lesson in "Recognizing and Deciphering Military Uniforms 101." We arrived home only after turning down the oh so desperate cries for a sleepover! This, my friends, is the Japan life!

WARNING: do not read if you have a sensitive stomach!!! :P
I nearly forgot to tell you all about the most disgusting part of the last 6 weeks...Today we walked onto campus and smelled this very strong bleachy scent. It smelled like everything was extremely clean. However, after a few hours went by the smell became a more deathly smell and come to find out there was a dead cat, with little friends feeding off of it, under the stairs right next to my room leading to the offices upstairs. The day went on and the smell grew worse. By the time I left school I could not even walk by without covering my nose, in fear that I would throw up. Turns out, today is a Japanese holiday and they could not get anyone to come out and dispose of it, so there it sits. I pray that it is gone by the time school starts tomorrow. I can't begin to imagine the stench that will be by morning!


  1. Oh gross! I can't even imagine! Couldn't they have put on gloves and put it in a bag in the trash!
    I love the vidoe of your class. It is all to familiar and cute! What precious memories you will have!

  2. Ok, your class is the cutest! (Well... almost, Caiden must take first spot, of course!) They are so excited to be singing. The one little girl on the far left of the screen has some rhythum... you go girl! I laughed out loud and must admit I rewound it to watch a few times! Looks like they are a happy bunch... or atleast for the moment and activity for sure!