Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fire Station and "stuff"...

I took my pre-kindergarten class to the fire station today since our community helper of the month is firefighter. We walked about 15 minutes to the station along the side of the street. There are not sidewalks down the back streets which basically meant we trekked down the side/middle of the street...something that would be unheard of in the states! The kids got to ride in the fire truck, hold the hose as they squirted water out, and also walk through an ambulance. It was a very cool experience! The firefighters were all very nice though I must say it's strange that the kids could understand them and I could not. From the fire station we walked to a nearby park. It had an awesome slide that the kids couldn't use because the base of it was soaked from the rain yesterday. We will walk to this park some other time so trust me there will be pictures later! :) I may even have to slide down too. Apparently the thing to do is use cardboard since it is made out of smoothed cement and ruins anything that rubs on it. It is one of the steepest slide I've seen! Anyways, there were lots of fun things for the kids to play with and climb. After some play time we ate lunch and packed up for home. Remember in my last blog when I said 7 of my kids fell asleep? Well today every single child took a nap, some for over and hour and the rest for at least 30 minutes! SO EXCITING! I just wish I could've crashed too!

Supposedly this means "do not bother anyone." SERIOUSLY??!!??!!

On another note...this morning I walked into my classroom and found some "drops" of something brown on my covered cabinets near the entrance to my classroom. After much staring the conclusion is that it may be left by a large roach or a shrew. I was given a roach house and a mouse trap so we will see what treasure I get in the morning! To the left is the paper that used to cover my cabinets and to the right is the newly covered cabinets. Just wanted you all to share in my joy! haha


  1. So fun! You guys look great and I miss you! Hugs and kisses!

  2. You think that slide is steep just wait until you see the one at Yamuchi park!