Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Starbucks Day...

Tuesday nights are the designated Starbucks nights provided by our food envelope, since we put out almost $10 for us both to get tall drinks! Alison and I decided Tuesdays are the hardest to get through; Monday is Monday, Wednesday is church, Thursday is just before Friday, and well, then there's Friday. Therefore, we've taken to making Starbucks runs on Tuesday night to sit, listen to music, read (if you're Alison, though I must say that I just finished my first book in Japan! woohoo! lol), and watch a gecko run around on the ceiling. We've gone 3 weeks in a row now and each time we have seen a gecko on the ceiling! Tonight we saw a guy who had just gotten a new tattoo covering most of his arm. It was wet, shiny, red, and his one sleeve was up.

My class has had a bit of a rough week. They just don't seem to listen to or do anything I ask them to. But today there was a bright spot. During rest time I usually give them about 20 minutes to lay their heads on their desks and I have never had more than 2 fall asleep on the same day...Today, however, 7 of my kids zonked out! I am convinced they wore themselves out driving me crazy! I went ahead and let them sleep for almost an hour! :)

As I write this Alison is getting frustrated with me cuz I'm not paying much attention to her while she's reading our tour book deciding what will be on the agenda for this weekend! Gonna go and be a good Japanmate. :)

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  1. So glad you get to stop and smell the "Starbucks!" And good for you for finishing your first book... Alison got me to read too... I guess her classroom skill spills over... hope your classroom spills only good and none rodent like things too!