Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall Fun Part 2...

RRRROOOOAAAARRR! The sound my kids made after making our lion masks this It was a pain in my rear to make but they sure looked cute when they were done! Yay for the letter L. I have to stay excited about this otherwise it will be impossible to make it through!

Today was the Fall Festival. This was my little set up for the Sucker Pull. It went pretty well. One of the dads stood behind my table while I was refilling the cones and told his son and friend which ones were prize winners! Such gems! :) It provided a good laugh anyhow.
Here is Carolyn at the Stoning Wall. A few kids tried to throw wet sponges at her. She thought it was great!
Here is one of my students with Lucky. This weekend was her turn to take Lucky home and she decided to bring him with her to the fair! Too cute!

The kids enjoyed themselves while playing games, getting candy, jumping in the bouncer, and eating hamburgers, hot dogs, curry, yakotori (my favorite japanese chicken on a stick), and shaved ice. We got home a little bit ago and are now chillin, literally, before we head out later on to go with Lori to a pottery fair on base. The weekend continues...


  1. Adrienne, the lion masks are so adorable! I'm sure the little ones are loving having you as their teacher :)

  2. Well, you can either make Lions or get back here and help w/Volleyball.

    My middles are coming around slowly and my right sides are hurting badly... (Help!).

    Do any of those little ones play volleyball?

    Glad you're still keeping your sanity

    Debs says hi... Chat later,