Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I am blessed to teach at a school where I get to teach children about how much Jesus loves them, so much so that he died on a cross for OUR sins. We will never know unconditional love like that! So undeserving and so blessed!

This week my kiddos made Handprint Easter Lilies. Click HERE to check out the original directions. They turned out great, especially since it's ALL their own work! The first pic is my sample, larger hand=larger flower
 Here is our beautiful class bouquet.
 Also, if you're a Christian school teacher or a parent, HERE is a cute Easter poem your kids will love reading. I'm unsure of the author, so let me know if it's you! :)
Happy Easter!


  1. I find it such a shame that we can't teach about Him. If one of my students bring Him up then we can talk about Him. I have several students who pray before a test. It is WONDERFUL!!

    Owl About Us

    1. It is SUCH a shame! Thank you for much for your comment. It makes my heart happy!

  2. Love this! I teach in a Christian school and I pinned it to remember it for next year.

  3. So glad youll be able to use it! Where do you teach?

  4. My son attends a Christian preschool and I think it brings them great joy to teach about Him each day. I teach at a charter school (non-Christian affiliated) yet many of my students are Christian and bring up their faith in my 1st grade class. Out of the mouths of babes!

    Educator Designs

  5. I love doing this craft. Unfortunately I cannot do it for Easter, but I do love doing it for Mother's Day. We make a small bouquet of lilies for our moms each year!

    Hanging Out in First!