Friday, March 22, 2013

Easter Egg Word Families...

I was looking through my materials for the next few weeks and came across my word family eggs from last year. They're looking pretty worn but you'll get the idea. Actually, I was thinking, instead of using a label maker for the letters, I may redo them using a sharpie. It may last longer. The students twist the eggs to make a variety of words in each family. If you're interested in making some for your own classroom, feel free to download this worksheet to accompany it! I'd love to know if you end up making this a center in your classroom!

The following pictures are from our centers this week! We worked on greater than, less than, long I spellings, compound word, and human body. The following activities are taken from my Alligator Chomp and Human Body units. Check them out if you're working on any of these concepts!

5 school days and counting til Spring Break! It will be a well deserved time off for the students and their teacher! :)


  1. Thank you so much for the egg idea! That is so cute!!

    Owl About Us

  2. Love your greater than less than center. Did you make it yourself?

    The Math Maniac

  3. I love your idea of the alligator chomp for reinforcing greater than and less than! I'll definitely look for that - do you have it on TPT?

    First Grade Friendzee

  4. Math Maniac and First Grade Friendzee, yes, I made the Alligator Chomp: Greater than, less than pack. I do have it on TpT.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I love the greater than less than Chomp!!! So adorable! And the "I've got my eye on you" OMG! My kids would LOVE this! Can't wait to see what else you post!!!

    Love your blog too

    Mrs. Mauro's Kinderverse

  6. I love your center ideas! They look so engaging-i can't wait to use them. I found you through the tpt forum and I am your newest follower!!!


  7. Love these centers! You have some great ideas here. Thank you for sharing! I am your newest follower!

    Hanging Out in First!