Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nago Part 2

It’s Monday already! Today was the long awaited trip to the second largest Aquarium in the world…it’s second to the aquarium in Atlanta. Following our handy dandy blue road signs we safely made it to the Aquarium only to find that this was the place to be on the island! We had to park quite a bit down the road, past all the other parking lots for the aquarium and onto a little side street. We saw many different types of sea life, walked past little wall tanks and large tanks and finally reached the MAIN EVENT! This massive tank had 3 whale sharks, lots of sting rays, and other fun looking fish. The big thing here is the 3:00 feeding of the whale sharks. The room we walked into was huge and it was overfilled with people taking pictures. Alison and I were there over an hour early so we decided to try and find a seat up at the top to chill for awhile. Thankfully we found seats and there we sat for the next hour talking and looking at the tank. We decided this was our “sea wall” moment as we began talking about life and Japan. When feeding time came we were sad to be sitting too close to the top, nonetheless, the experience was still well worth it!
This is the view from the entrance of the aquarium
The following are some of the fancy fish we saw!
The lion fish
The girly fish hehe
The main event! This tank was massive!

Feeding time...they showed the top of the tank on the screen...As Alison and I sat watching the tank for an hour I thought about Free Willy. lol Remember when the huge tank collapsed? I had visions of that happening here. I wondered if we were far enough at the top to be safe from the water. We eventually had to walk down in the would be "splash zone" to get out of this room. :)

Yes, Alison does walk 10 feet in front of me sometimes too!

We made a pit stop on the way to dinner at the Butterfly garden...We asked a family to take this picture for us and the parents had their son take it since he knew a little bit of english. They did lots of smiling and we did our little head nods to each other. They asked us if we were from America. We told them yes but we were teachers here on the island. They got very exited when they found out/understood what we were saying.
We were able to walk into a large tent with the beautiful flowers and butterflies all around. I tried really hard to get one to land on me but wasn't incredibly successful.
Aren't I a beautiful butterfly?? :) or is it tinkerbell? hmm...
Alison and I with the butterflies
Alison and I survived our trip to Nago with MANY laughs (most of them directed at me, whatever, who DOESN'T dance in the car?? ;) ), only a few detours, fun sights, beautiful views, and LOTS of reading (Alison's favorite).

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  1. Quite an exciting vacation in Nago. More memories to share. You all sure enjoy clowning around...