Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Here are Alison and I all ready for our church's Christmas party last week... We've bought new dresses in Japan (not that Alison needs any more dresses...what are you at now...17?)

With the week coming to a close I've got a few things/events on my mind...1. Happy Birthday Jesus party with my class 2. School Christmas Program on Friday night and an encore for the little ones on Saturday night 3. Church Christmas Program on Saturday Night (gonna go see my japan mate in action!) 4. Getting a break 5. Tour booking for a week 6. Christmas 7. All of you!
Below are some pictures from our campus wide (preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten) Polar Express Pajama Day. 100% participation! I even snagged a picture of us teachers. We had a lot of fun dressing up! That night, I also attended a Christmas party for my class at one of the family's homes. I wasn't sure what to expect, but ended up having a blast! They are really fun folks who love to laugh! It was also my first time doing something for real without my japan mate. I must admit it was a bit tramatizing :) but I made it there and back in one piece without getting lost! yay for parties!

Here are a few of the people at the party...Can you find the Christmas tree? And I don't mean the real one.


  1. Cute dress! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Deb- here (not steve)WOW Really cute dress...nice! I am glad your Christmas festivities are going well. We missed you at our progressive dinner, it was not the same without you...last night when I asked Jackson if he could go anywhere on an airplane where would he go...he said "Japan"...(he says it SO funny like "jsha-pan") when I asked why he said he wanted to visit and I quote..."that girl...you know adrienne" --it was too cute! We pray for you each night and I know that you will always be glad you did this adventure of a year. These holidays may be the toughest, we know we love you and just think of what a nice break from all of us you are having and how next christmas when Andrea is laughing too loud, Matt is saying something that only Matt would say, kids are running around, when we all want to pull our hair out, you will appreciate it all. Hugs and kisses we will talk soon I am sure!
    love you,

  3. You look so good, Adrienne! I like this picture. :) Did you notice what is hanging outside behind you? ;) Hope you have an awesome break! I know I'm looking forward to mine, ;).

  4. Oops, by "this picture" I'm referring to the first one, :).

  5. I love your dress! And I liked the PJ picture. That's a great idea and sounds fun!