Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Eve...

Here are most of the families that joined the class for our "Happy Birthday Jesus" party last Friday...
Merry Christmas Eve from Japan! I'm laying here in bed, having just woke up, and I'm thinking about the fact that it is Christmas Eve. I just cannot believe it. The season has crept up on us and I guess life suddenly got busy here in Okinawa. The weather is cooler, there are some lights around, I'm listening to Christmas music, some gifts have come in the mail, school's out, went to a Christmas program, I've baked cookies (not at my house of course), and yet it still doesn't really feel like Christmas...What's the missing key? Home and everything that comes with it. As Alison said, Christmas is really all about the people we spend it with!...And I'm missing my people! ;)

Last Friday was our school christmas program. The little kiddos did a great job. Always the show stealers. We also did our program on Saturday night on base at Chapel 3 (yeah they're numbered haha) along with some other church choir groups. The older kids also did a performance on Friday night following the little ones. Each grade level represented children from countries all over the world. My favorite part was when the third graders, representing Japan, got up in their kimonos and were doing their speaking parts about how small the Christian population is in Japan and how Jesus Christ came for us all. It touched me, knowing that many of those kids up there saying those lines probably come from Buddhist families and yet we have the opportunity to teach these children about Jesus and how awesome he is!
Here are some dress rehearsal pics (not pictured: the stable)
The shepherds and sheepThe angels
Here are the elementary/junior high kids during their program

On Monday, we attempted to go back to Higashi Falls, where we had to walk in the water to the waterfall. It didn't end up going the way we had planned, but an adventure none the less. Tuesday, we went to Lori's house with some other teachers from my campus and baked, and baked and baked, and baked all day. Alison and I got a break when we went for a massage/facial! It was very relaxing, though they still don't compare to massages in the states! The evening concluded with an always fabulous trip to Taco Bell!
...Christmas Eve...Alison and I are going to hopefully relax a bit today, have a great dinner, then head to our church's Candlelight Communion Service at 7. Tomorrow will be lunch at Lori's (so nice of her to take us in) then an open house at Pastor and Carol's house in the afternoon/evening.
I'll leave you with this video of the little ones (some of them anyway) singing Silent Night at Chapel 3 on Saturday Night



  1. Merry Christmas! Gosh, I got home and realized I never said it to you! So Sorry! But I love you and you were for sure missed!!!


  2. oh my gosh adi!!!! your kids are soooo cute. i love it that they sang in japanese too!!!!
    miss you