Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Feast/Wednesday...

Wednesday was our school’s Thanksgiving feast with a short presentation for the parents given by the preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten. We each did our own little poem and song then we sang a few songs all together. They were adorable but I was unable to get a picture with their hats cuz one of my little girls decided to get shy on me and wouldn’t detach herself from my side the entire time. After the kids left my classroom was transformed from Fall to Christmas…YAY! It will be fun to walk in there on Monday morning.

After school Alison and I headed back to our apartment to change and pick up our luggage for Tokyo. We met up with Rachel then headed to the airport. We arrived a bit early so we sat and observed the fact that we were the ONLY white people in our whole terminal. Anyway, we took off at about 7 and landed in Tokyo at 9. Pastor Wes told us the best way to get back to our hotel from the airport and that if we stood looking at the map for about 30 seconds someone would definitely come over and offer to help us. He also said that if we ever needed to ask someone directions we should always ask someone older…well, we stood, and for the most part the help came. We found our way to the Marriott, exhausted and ready to crash! Our room had 2 oversized twin beds so instead of someone sleeping on the floor Alison and I decided we could share the bed…haha she and I both slept on the edge of the bed and our shoulders still touched in the middle…we slept, kind of.

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  1. How fun! I'm glad you guys had a good trip! Thanks for filling as bed buddy for Alison! :)