Thursday, November 6, 2008

1st quarter down...

You've gotta love it when you go to church and the pastor preaches a sermon right at you. There is nothing better than a safe place to just be you, regardless of the struggles and frustrations of the day. Alison and I may have made people wonder about our sanity with the amount of tears last night. :) The pastor's sermon was titled, "He is with you in the land." God never leaves us regardless of how far we are from home, family, friends, and comfort. I'm sure this sounds like what I've said before, but it is so true! It really hits home to think about the fact that God is always right next to us just waiting for us to ask him for help, yet we (I) continually try to do it by myself. There have been times in the last few weeks when I have literally not known how to deal with certain situations in class. I've began to quietly pray for the kids in my class as I am walking around the room during rest time. Do I automatically just get answers on how to fix it? Not exactly, but it does help me to let go and give it to God, after all he is my guide. My kid's Bible verse last week was "I am with you, and will watch over you wherever you go." It is so easy to say...then you get hit with difficulties along the way and suddenly it seems you're in it alone. Every day is another test, another trial, with a purpose of bringing me closer to the one who will NEVER leave me!
Tomorrow are Parent-Teacher Conferences. Can't believe the first quarter is already over. Time really is flying by. I've just about got everything ready to go, just need to put up my cute little "I'm thankful" turkey mobiles and we're set. I'm looking forward to having a day to breathe and just spend some time with my parents, since I never see 95% of them. I had one conference after school today and this student's mom and dad both came. I had my translator sitting right next to me. A lot of these parents understand quite a bit, it's the speaking part that is more difficult. But I thought it was funny because mom told dad that he needed to come spend time in my room so he could learn English too. They were very sweet and it was a good first conference. We'll see how the rest go!


  1. AAAAAAAAAdriene....I thought I knew you.....AAAAAAAdrienne!!!! I love you girl....and am SO glad that you have a church to call 'home', while you are away from home....that is awesome!! I love you and miss you. Keep going and trusting the Lord...:)

  2. Congratulations on finishing your 1st quarter! Hope all your conferences went well. I am almost done with mine. : )

    When I read your last posting, I thought of Philemon 1:7 "Your love has given me great joy and encouragement..." In reading your thoughts, it made think of how truly blessed we are. You are so right, no matter what happens God will never leave you. I miss you, but I know God is doing an amazing work in you and Alison. Continue to trust Him and the plans He has for you. Love you a lot!

  3. Isn't God amazing how He meets us right where we are? I hope conferences went well for you! I love you and miss you! Only 3 more quarters to go! :)