Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween...oops "Harvest" fun :)

This was an exhausting week! 4 year olds pretty much drive me crazy...but I get to help them make monkey puppets and monkey bread for the letter M!

I've taken to needing afternoon/evening naps after getting home from work. Pretty sad huh?!?! Yeah, especially when it doesn't affect my bed time! :) Friday we had a half day of school with the afternoon to potluck and finish grades. You should see this intense report my 4 year olds get! whew! Though it was really nice to dismiss at 11:30!

Friday night, being Halloween, Alison and I thought we would take Izzie and Carolyn to our church's harvest festival. We really wanted to go but couldn't go by ourselves so we adopted some kids! :) We picked up the girls from Gate 2 and headed home for a pizza dinner, then dress up time and off to church. There were a lot of fun booths all scripture based; fishing, fruit of the spirit face painting, Goliath sponge toss, worship karaoke, find the lost coin in jello, etc. It was a good time! I saw many of my students there as well, so nice not to be responsible for them! After church we went home for a sleep over!
This morning, once everyone was awake, we made heart and star shaped pancakes! I just had to take a picture of them! :) We had a great time with the girls and were exhausted this afternoon, so I did what I do best...took a 2 hour nap!! However, prior to falling asleep I asked Alison to find something fun for us to today tonight. She came through big time! We went to our first Japanese restaurant on our own! It's called Tenkai, a yakitori restaurant. SO GOOD! The owner was really nice and was showing us a few articles written about his restaurant. The menu has about 50 different kinds of yakitori, meat on a stick. I tried baby back ribs, chicken, and beef and cheese and a side of rice. Funny story...when we sat down the man handed us our towels to wash our hands and placed a plate in the middle of the table. Since the towels were actual towels and not towelettes we thought the plate was for us to put our towel on after we'd used them. Well, after we'd placed them on the plate the man walked back over and took them off and said it was for the sticks, from our yakitori...he smiled kindly as Alison and I tried to contain our laughter. Even now as I am writing this I'm trying to contain my giggles, it was quite funny! After dinner, Alison and I hit up a few Asian markets with all kinds of jewelry, clothes, housewares, and other accessories and home goods. These stores might be my new favorite places to shop! Fun stuff, decent prices.


Here is Alison icing her eye after in my opinion was an attack of bugs!!! :)

Then she decided she would clean the smelly trashcan while using a "hot compress" to get rid of the itch! lol The whole situation was hilarious! She's all good now!


  1. I think you should be thankful I got rid of the stinky smell in the garbage...

  2. You guys are so funny! I'm glad you guys have had a good weekend and it seems like you are getting settled in nicely! I'm very proud of you and Alison for going by yourselves to the Japanese restaurant, what fun! You both are looking very thin and I'm jealous! Love you and miss you much!