Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring Centers and Plants...

Our focus for the week has been plants. The kids loved watching our green celery turn red, after being placed into a vase with red water, doing plant art projects, life cycle pictures, and more! This first picture is an art/math project in Kim Adsit's Spring Is Here unit.  We've completed our art portion and will be moving on to some measuring and observation writing later in the week.
 Today, we completed our life cycle of a sunflower. Such a simple, yet effective, activity. We used real sunflower seeds to add a bit of life to our picture. They had a great time and did a wonderful job!
The next few picture are from some of our centers this week. In the first picture, the students are using sunflower seeds to help them subtract. It amazing how quickly they pick up on concepts when given a hands on approach. Check out my Spring Subtraction Puzzles!
 The kiddos are also working on position words and medial sounds. Both of these activities are in my Spring Math and Literacy pack.

Are you looking for some plant videos for your kids?  My students have loved watching these videos in their iPod center this week. Let me know what you think!
Click here to download my Plant QR Code sheet!  It includes two plant videos and two stories.
All in all, the students have worked hard this week and had lots of fun learning about plants. Up next? Insects! Another fun week of learning activities!

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