Tuesday, April 30, 2013


This week is all about insects! We've been working our way through Deanna Jump's Insect Unit and some other fun goodies, including our class caterpillars. They have just reached the chrysalis stage and the kids have loved every moment of watching the transformation. 
Here are some of the insects my kiddos built, each unique and wonderful! :)
 Do you read "Hey, Little Ant" to your kiddos? It's such a cute book and makes them think about what they would choose... to squish the ant with their shoe or let it go free? We made this into a brief writing assignment and they did such a great job with many different, creative answers. Click here to download the writing paper for your class.

As a class, we are looking forward to the wedding of Q and U and our special Mother's Day Luncheon...pictures to come! 

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  1. I found you through the TPT linky! So nice to find a kinder teacher to blog with! I am a new follower!