Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring and Reading Fluency

This week, we're beginning to work through my spring math and literacy pack. The kiddos are doing a wonderful job completing each activity. I love watching them learn, even more when they have FUN doing it!
Sums of 10
Counting On...sorry for the glare!
I can't remember if I posted about this already, so I'll just do it anyway :) In the last month, we have started working on our reading fluency with basic leveled passages (see the pic below). The kiddos begin by doing a quick practice of decodable words. Once they complete the list, they use the voice memos on the iPod to record themselves reading the given passage. Then, they listen to themselves read and repeat 2 more times. How do I monitor this? It's all about practicing routines and expectations...To start off, I walked through each step of the process with them, one at a time. Then we worked in into our center rotation, with my guidance. I would sit next to two kids and walk them through it, eventually working into my watching them do it on their own. Now, I just pop in and out of the center, once in a while listening with them and giving pointers. They're becoming such great independent workers! :)
Reading Fluency
Container to hold each of my kiddos ear buds

I just cannot believe we are wrapping up our third quarter! 44 days and counting. Where has the time gone?


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