Monday, July 21, 2008

Only the beginning...

14 days...The "goodbye for now" process continued this weekend with a farewell party thrown by a few fabulous friends. They threw Alison and I our last "American BBQ," complete with the flag hanging out front, hamburgers and hot dogs, party games (see below!), bouncer (yes we all jumped!), and an American flag cake! It was good to have another laughter filled, LD (lower division) and friends hangout.

(It was just a LITTLE crazy!)

The weekend concluded with a trip to Olvera Street with some of my closest friends! We hopped on the Metrolink (my first time) and rode down to Los Angeles. It definitely felt like a vacation considering my lack of public transportation use here in Southern California. It felt so nice to sit in a comfy, air conditioned train, with NO traffic! Why in the world did I spend the last three years sitting in traffic?!?! :)...It was a beautiful day filled with YUMMY food and lots of laughs, mostly involving donkeys! hehe

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  1. secrets what secrets? :) Don't give me the evidence if you don't want it displayed!! and what is this about a donkey?