Wednesday, May 22, 2013

And the countdown continues...

We're continuing through our end of the year ABC countdown and the kiddos are having so much fun! Yesterday was Luau Day. We played 'pin the coconut on the coconut tree' and made sand pudding. Everyone agreed it tasted better than sand at the beach ;)
Sand Pudding: Start with vanilla pudding, crush vanilla wafers and sprinkle on top, add gummy worms if you wish (though the kids and i agreed that someone should invent candy crabs)
This week is also our Spring Concert, so the kiddos are beyond exhausted, as am I! So, before I head out and crash for the night, I want to show you all a picture of one of the fun activities the kids are loving in centers, from my Transportation Math Pack. Each hot air balloon has a number on the basket. The kiddos must solve the math problem on each part of the balloon and place it in the correct spot. I am SO proud of how comfortable they've become with addition and subtraction!

...13 days and counting! 

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