Saturday, March 7, 2009

Zip lining adventures...

Today began with me signing my life away! Interested yet? haha Tom, a friend from church, invited Alison and I to go ziplining at a place called Forest Adventures. We'd seen a video of it ahead of time so we had an idea of what we were getting ourselves into but nothing could actually explain what happened today! Every part of it was hilarious! After we had our harnesses secured and passed our little safety briefing exam, we went out on the course. There were 7 different courses some much more difficult than others, one of which I would NEVER do again! Thankfully we went in the morning, not only did it start raining toward the end of our time, but there were also van loads of people coming to take on the courses. See some of the pictures below to get a better idea of what we got to experience today!

This, my friends, is pretty much how I landed every course! Yes, I know it takes talent!

Needless to say I have some peeled skin and sore muscles to accompany my memories from this day! Now we have several people from church wanting to go on this adventure too! We just might have to do it again before leaving Okinawa in less than 100 days.


  1. Looks SO fun and your face in one of the pics is priceless!! :) Looking forward to our reunion!

  2. hey Adj, it's Mel pie... OMG, I am laughing so hard right now at work!! that video of you flying into the net thingy was hillarious!!! I even showed a co worker! I can't stop smiling, so funny!!! and that ring thing, ahahahahahahahahahaha, looked more like a jungle gym than zip lining!! LOL, thanks for makin my day :)