Monday, February 16, 2009

Post office, Valentine's, and Fun Day

Last week was a busy week for Pre-Kindergarten. On Tuesday we walked to the Post Office up the street, way up the street, from school. The kids were mailing a Valentine to someone in their family, anywhere in the world. The lady at the post office was really nice and let each of them pay and put their own stamp on then slip in the red mail box. They had a great time taking care of their "business."
Tuesday night, Alison and I went to Rocky and Gina's to bake cookies for our classes to decorate at our Valentine's parties on Thursday. In class, the kids had a great time decorating their bags for their goodies and then had an even better time with their cookies, frosting, and sprinkles.
New Life held their annual Family Fun Day on Friday at a "nearby" athletic park, one Alison and I struggled to find. We even had to stop and use a pay phone to call Pastor and find out where we were supposed to go. Needless to say, thanks to a car we recognized, Alison and I made it, and only 30 minutes late! The day was nice and short filled with lots of family and games. I also got lots of special treats from my class for my "belated" birthday. It was really great seeing the families interact and have some fun together. We did our chicken dance cheer first, then we played various games including a bean bag toss, sprint, hula hoop race, a race with a ball between the legs, and it all ended with a tug of war. First, the Yamauchi campus kids went up against the teachers on our campus. WE LOST! yes, against 35 4-6 year olds. Then the Yagibaru campus teachers went up against their students and LOST! oh boy. It all ended with the teachers of New Life against all the parents...this wasn't even a competition, we got whooped. I guess that's what happens when your staff is made up of a bout 20 people against a school of 115. It was all fun nonetheless.

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