Monday, February 16, 2009

Long Weekends...

Monday, Gina, Itsuko, Alison, and I went to the Hot Stones Bath. Itsuko is from here and she and Gina used to go every other week. When we got there we paid our 900yen and got two towels and sweats. We went and took our showers put on our sweats and went into this dark room where we laid on hot stone beds. It was pretty funny though...there are stars on the ceiling and also a moon with e.t. riding across it. haha It was basically a sauna with heat packs. It felt really nice and was a great way to relax. Itsuko and Gina were telling Alison and I about how you have to be silent in the room if there are other women in there, but as soon as we are the only ones we can gab as much as we want. Sadly, that only happened for a couple minutes. As we all know, I am slightly ADD and couldn't lay quietly very well so I spent some time making hand puppets on the wall. :)

Kim and the kids took Alison and I to the movies on Friday night. We went and saw Bride Wars then had Taco Bell for dinner. It was a fabulous way to end the week! On Saturday, being Valentine's Day, Kim invited Alison and I over for dinner since her husband worked and Alison has just been longing to cook dinner in her kitchen. We had lasagna. YUM! It has been WAY too long!
Here are Kim, Maizy, Alison, and I eating dinner on Kim's balcony
Another typical self portrait of Alison and I
Gina and Rocky have decided that they needed to join in on the tour book fun and since they have Sage for the next few weeks we thought it would be a great time to visit the Ostrich Farm where the tour book said visitors could ride the ostriches. Well, Monday was the planned day for this event and we had more company in Benny, Pauline, and Alisia, from church. We drove to the farm only to find out that you can no longer ride the ostriches but only feed them. It turned out to be fun anyways! I'm secretly glad I didn't have to ride one, cuz they're kind of scary. Their necks are SOO long! Feeding them was quite the scene, I'm pretty sure one tried to take off Rocky's head.
Here is a group picture of the gang!
From the farm we made a stop by the Pineapple Park. Yes, I do realize this is our third time now, but no one else had been and they've been here for 2 years plus. How can that be?? Anyways, everything is fun when we're doing it with new people!
I am constantly reminded of how blessed I am to be a part of the Neighborhood church family!

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