Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine Envelopes

I was on Pinterest and found the most adorable Valentine over the chair envelopes for kids to use to collect their Valentines. The link takes you to Pottery Barn where the felt pocket costs $20. I loved the idea and wanted to find a super cheap way to make these for my students. So, after staring at the picture for awhile, I thought I could pull it off using poster board and some yarn. Below are three collages of each step.

Note: the width of the envelope will depend on the size of chair you're using, but my measurement was 18" wide. Once folded the length of my envelope was 13" tall. Finally, the flap that goes over the back of the chair drops down about 9 1/2" (again, this will depend on how tall your chairs are). Unfolded, my poster board was approx. 36" long and 18" wide. (Yikes! This is sounding confusing! I hope this makes sense!)
 Once folded, I took some poster board scraps and make a faux envelope flap. Then I used a red sharpie to make it appear like it's stitched. I glued that to the front of the envelope, at the top where it opens, but I did not cover the opening. I completed the look with a red heart on the front. 
  Finally, I punched holes about 1 inch apart on each side of the envelope. The final step, stitching the sides with yarn, will be done by the kiddos next week.
Below, you see how it sits on the chair when you're all done. The top of the envelope is open so things can be dropped right in.
You can choose to let your kids decorate their envelope or just top it off with their name nice and large on the front!

 Hope this inspires some craftiness! :)

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