Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Last week in Okinawa...

Here are our happy faces...School is out!

Sunday, June 7- We celebrated Pastor Wes's birthday at one of the clubs on base. Some of the board/council decided to pose as a gospel group and make an appearance at the party. it was quite hilarious, and resulted in an encore.

Sorry, some of these are out of order and i can't seem to fix it, oh well...The next two pics are from our last time of fellowship with our church family at Rocky and Gina's on Sunday, June 14, the day before we left.
Sage and I
Okay, here are a few more from Pastor's birthday party. Isaiah was having a good ole time chillin next to Pastor as he was answering some funny and somewhat embarrassing questions about his past.
My Japanmate and I
Here are the rest of the pics from our time at Rocky and Gina's
The Braund's
Michelle, with Alison and I
Pastor Wes and Carol, Alison, and I
On Monday, June 15, our last day on Okinawa, Rocky took us to his work where we got to fly the simulators, KC-135. We obviously didn't have the special clearance to get into where the F-15's are.
We had a blast! I am quite the pilot, though you shouldn't rely on my to land the plane. I had some problems with that one! haha
Here is the simulator from the outside.
Is this a scary sight or what? :)
The pilots!
Robert, Lisete, and Sage stopped by on Monday afternoon to say goodbye before we headed out to the airport. Sure gonna miss them, though they are on their way to England next!
Rocky and Gina brought us to the airport where we said our goodbyes...for now!

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